Yacht design & styling

At Nakhimov, we understand that the value of any yacht design rests, above all, in its aesthetics. A beautiful yacht is more than just a source of pride for its owner; it is also worth far more than vessels less remarkable in appearance. Therefore, our most pressing task during the design stage is to hone the ship concept and select an appropriate and unique yacht style.

Next, in working with designers and marine architects, our experience in the daily operation of super-yachts allows us to create designs that are not only attractive, but also highly functional.

In managing the ship's design, we strive to take into account the major trends in contemporary super yachting: maximizing personal space, integrating on-board spa and sporting amenities, and addressing environmental concerns. On our ships, beauty is reconciled with sound planning, and the now-fashionable “green” trend has a clear economic foundation.