Yacht construction

We believe that the successful management of super yacht construction begins with a clear understanding of the yachtbuilding system, and with the company and its managers' experience in building and operating similar yachts.

The construction control system at the shipyard, featuring daily reports, helps to achieve the quality you expect when signing a contract. For you personally, this makes the process of achieving your dream more palpable, more exhilarating, by allowing you to always keep your "finger on the pulse." That means, in practice, that you'll be actively participating in building your yacht.

Completed projects

M/Y Indigo, 31m, Sanlorenzo, 2012

Chase tender SACS Strider Coupe, 13m, SACS Marine, 2012

M/Y Lady L, 44m, Heesen Yachts, 2012

M/Y Aurelia, 47m, Heesen Yachts, 2011

Limo tender for M/Y Quinta Essentia, 7.5m, Vaudrey Miller, 2011

M/Y Nataly, 65m, Benetti, 2011

M/Y Quinta Essentia, 55m, Heesen Yachts, 2011

M/Y Celestial Hope, 47m, Heesen Yachts, 2008

M/Y Kitty, 38m, Timmerman Yachts, 2008

QUINTA ESSENTIA construction at Heesen Yachts

CELESTIAL HOPE construction at Heesen Yachts

AURELIA construction at Heesen Yachts