Yacht charter

At NAKHIMOV, we have our own approach to charter inquiries. We have set forth 4 basic "scenarios" for yacht travel: Cocktail, Family, VIP and Weekend. From the very outset, we try to determine how you'd like to relax, and only then do we suggest an appropriate yacht and route. For Cocktail, that means a sporting Mangusta, ISA or Heesen; for Family, that means a 50- or 60-meter displacement yacht from a prestigious Dutch or German shipyard.

In any case, each trip is worked out in painstaking detail, taking your wishes into account, and our yacht-management experience allows us to choose the most appropriate yacht and plan the tiniest details of your journey.

Please contact our charter broker Yulia Korlyakova yuliak@nakhimov.com, +33 6 4391 6786 for all charter inquiries.