About us

NAKHIMOV was founded in 2001. Our staff includes 15 professionals who believe that the only way to create an extraordinary yacht is to pay attention to each detail, showing creativity and listening carefully to the client. Since 2008, the company's office is located in Monaco, at the Port Hercule. “I am convinced that the sense of assurance and pride that come with owning a unique vessel is the sole criterion for assessing a yacht representative's operations. Our primary goal is to develop a comfortable and open design, where the entire process is aimed at creating vivid and unique impressions for the shipowner,” says Sergey Dobroserdov, Director at Nakhimov.


Our Team

We always strive to bring inspiration and innovation to our designs, and to make each vessel one-of-a-kind. For this reason, Nakhimov hires people who are not merely professional, but, above all, people who show initiative and think outside the box.


Nakhimov understands very well that the quality of a yacht is determined by the level of its crew. The team's professionalism and motivation are the main qualities we seek when carefully selecting our crews.

In managing our fleet of yachts, we have the ability to provide training and career growth opportunities for crew members on various company vessels, and to offer interesting "on-shore" positions for those ready to continue their career as managers.

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Every December, Nakhimov presents its corporate calendar featuring beautiful girls, marine vistas, and of course yachts from Nakhimov’s fleet. The calendar is published in a limited edition of 500 and is distributed among our customers and partners. Two hundred copies are available for purchase on our website for 750 euros each. The calendars are delivered from Monaco.

Download calendar 2011 (pdf, 2.1Мб)

Download calendar 2012 (pdf, 4.1Мб)


Serious success in business opens up tremendous opportunities. One can expand operations, assemble a rare collection, or build one's own exclusive yacht. And, along with all that, simply save someone's life. On the charitable fund sites www.sbornet.ru and www.podari-zhizn.ru, you can find information about children who desperately need help. Sometimes very little is required to change everything for the better.

Since May 2011, Nakhimov has directed 1 percent of the total amount of every invoice issued to these addresses.

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